New Publication on Cultural Trauma

Nebojša Blanuša

The latest issue of the Croatian Political Science Review, “Faces of Cultural Trauma” is mostly a result of the Summer Institute on Cultural Trauma, held at the premises of Inter-University Centre in Dubrovnik  in June 2016, as part of the collaborative FP7 project Social Performance, Cultural Trauma and Reestablishing Solid Sovereignties (SPeCTReSS), the network of scholars that involves nine universities from the four corners of the world. CCS Directors Ron Eyerman and Jeff Alexander are part of this network.

The editor of this issue is previous CCS Visiting Faculty Fellow Nebojša Blanuša. Nebojša wrote a blog post about his experience while he was a CCS visitor.

Included in this special edition is the article, “Cultural Trauma, Collective Memory and the Vietnam War”, by CCS Director Ron Eyerman, CCS Junior Fellow Todd Madigan and CCS Faculty Fellow Magnus Ring

Also in this volume is a review of Ron Eyerman’s recent book, Is This America? Katrina as Cultural Trauma.