Junior Fellows’ Publications

Publications by our current Yale PhD students:

Elisabeth  Becker Peer Reviewed Journal Article:
  “Little of Italy? Assumed ethnicity in a New York City neighborhood.” Ethnic and Racial Studies, Volume 38, Issue 1, 2015
Andrew Cohen Peer Reviewed Journal Article:
  “Investigating the Apathy toward Applied Sociology.” Journal of Applied Social Science 5(2):53-65, 2011
Mira  Debs Peer Reviewed Journal Articles
  (with E. T Woods) ”Toward a Cultural Sociology of Nationalism.” Nations and Nationalism. Volume 19, Issue 4, pages 607–614, October 2013 
  “Using Cultural Trauma: Gandhi’s assassination, partition and secular nationalism in post-independence India.” Nations and Nationalism. Volume 19, Issue 4, pages 635–653, October 2013 
  “The Suffering of Symbols: Giotto Frescoes and the Cultural Trauma of Objects.” Cultural Sociology. 7 (4), 479-494m .
Shai Dromi Peer Reviewed Journal Articles
  “Soldiers of the Cross: The Red Cross and the Genesis of the Humanitarian Field,” Sociological Theory. Forthcoming.
  “For Good and Country: Nationalism and the Diffusion of Humanitarianism in the Late-Nineteenth-Century.” Sociological Review, Forthcoming. 
  “Uneasy Settlements: Reparation Politics and the Meanings of Money in the Israeli Withdrawal from Gaza.” Sociological Inquiry 84, no. 2, 294-315, 2014.
  “Penny for your Thoughts: Beggars and the Exercise of Morality in Daily Life.” Sociological Forum 27, no. 4, 847-871, 2012.
  Book Chapters & Invited Articles
  “Trauma Construction and Moral Restriction: The Ambiguity of the Holocaust for Israel” (with Jeffrey C. Alexander). In Narrating Trauma: On the Impact of Collective Suffering, edited by Ron Eyerman, Jeffrey C. Alexander and Elisabeth Butler Breese, 107-132. Boulder, CO: Paradigm Publishers. 2011.
  “Recovering Morality: Pragmatic Sociology and Literary Studies” (with Eva Illouz). New Literary History 41, no. 2: 351-369. 2010.
Till Hilmar Peer Reviewed Journal Article
  “Storyboards of Remembrance. Representations of the Past in Visitors’ Photography at Auschwitz,” Memory Studies, September 23rd 2015 (published ahead of print).
Isabel Jijón Peer Reviewed Journal Articles
  “The moral glocalization of sport: Local meanings of football in Chota Valley, Ecuador,” International Review for the Sociology of Sport, March 2, 2015 (published ahead of print)
  “The glocalization of time and space: Soccer and meaning in Chota valley, Ecuador,” International Sociology,  vol. 28 no. 4 373-390. 2013.