Welcome Back!

The CCS workshop schedule for the coming year is now available.

This year we are happy to once again welcome various visitors to our center.

Arriving this week is Visiting Faculty Fellow Melissa Aronczyk from Rutgers University. Melissa will spend the year with us. Florian Stoll from Bayreuth University, Germany will also be joining us in October for a year-long stay. Florian will be teaching a class in the spring semester. For one month in October we will host Visiting Graduate Student Michelle Romero Gallardo from Flacso México.

Coming in the spring semester are Pavel Pospěch from Masaryk University; Anna Durnova from the University of Vienna; Juan Li from Zhejiang University, China; Laura Cleaver from University College Dublin, here as part of the SPECTRESS project; and Celso Villegas from Kenyon College. CCS Visiting Graduate Student She Xi will be staying on with us for another year as well. We look forward to their presence and participation in our workshops and events.

Our first workshop will be on September 9th. Looking forward to seeing you all and sharing an enriching year at the CCS!