CCS Workshop 2017 ~ 2018

Please note: Workshop readings are automatically available to current participants only and require authentication (password). Off-campus CCS Fellows should contact the CCS Administrator to gain access as needed.

The CCS Workshop is held in the 2nd floor seminar room at 210 Prospect Street from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM, followed by lunch.  


CCSWorkshop 9/8: Organizational Meeting

This week we will be focused on updates and planning. We hope you can all make it to this important meeting. Please come prepared to say a few words about your summer and the progress you have made in your work. This would include things like writing thesis chapters, sending papers off for publication, being published, presenting at the ASA and other conferences, collecting data or making field trips. Please also share your recreational adventures as well.

This fall we are happy to welcome our new Visiting Fellows Jean-Pascal Daloz from the University of Strasbourg, France, and Trygve Broch from Inland Norway University. We also welcome Visiting Graduate Students Pål Halvorsen from Nord University, Norway; Bingxin Zhao from Harbin Engineering University, China; Jiaxuan Yu from Fudan University, China, and Alrun Berger from Ruhr University, Bochum, Germany. Visiting Fellow Juan Li and Postdoctoral Fellow Florian Stoll, both visitors from last year, will be here this Fall as well. You can learn more about them on our Visiting Fellows page.

ShohamWorkshop 9/15: Hizky Shoham

Bar Ilan University, Israel

Performing “Mechanical” Nationalism via Civic Culture: Popular vs. Official Celebrations of Israeli National Day

Abstract: The article suggests a new look at nationalism-from-below through a reinterpretation of the concept of “civic culture” to designate traditions and habits shared by broad strata of society, rather than spectacles and symbols produced from above. It argues that nationwide performances of trivial cultural practices that ritualize “our way of life” represent a mode of “mechanical solidarity” in the heart of modern societies. It suggests analyzing this civic culture of nationalism through the lens of cultural pragmatics as a Durkheimian “social fact” and a Latourian “assembling of the social” at the same time. Using the anthropological history of Israeli Independence Day as a case in point, the article examines first the historical failure of nationalism-from-above to design the popular traditions of the holiday; then it describes the unprompted development of what became the popular celebration—the outdoor picnic and cookout. This practice is then analyzed as a social performance that conveys other meanings of the concept of “national freedom,” quite different from those produced from above.

DalozWorkshop 9/22: Jean-Pascal Daloz

University of Strasbourg, France. CCS Visiting Fellow

Elite Distinction and the Issue of Meaningfulness

BrochWorkshop 9/29: Trygve Beyer Broch

Inland Norway University. CCS Visiting Fellow

(Culture in Play) A cultural Sociology of Sport

Abstract: Many have documented how sport cultures reproduce oppression, alienation, and rational action. I draw on cultural sociology to show how sports allow us to play with rationality and challenge oppression. Inspired by sociology and anthropology theories on how sport, play and games shape social life, I expose sport as fundamentally meaningful and clarify how meaning making in sport transpires. Sport is a compromise between play and game. Play is a symbolic process that generates imaginative representations of social life. Games are social structures with goals and rules that organize actors’ interaction. In turn, sport is theorized as institutionalized performances in which creative play is guided by game scrips. Sports’ meaning arises through the interpretive play acts in which institutional and broadly available codes come to shape game performances. The meaning of sports is therefore a matter of how its various modalities align and how its actors put culture in play.

HalvorsenWorkshop 10/6: Pål Halvorsen

Nord University, Norway. CCS Visiting Graduate Student

The Performance of Criticism: The Meaning Making Practices of Book Reviewers

WestWorkshop 10/27: Brad West

University of South Australia. CCS Faculty Fellow

Neo-Ottoman Memory, New Ritual Forms and the Reimaging of Turkish ‘National’ History at the WWI Gallipoli Battlefields

MallardWorkshop 10/31: Gregoire Mallard

The Graduate Institute Geneva. CCS Visiting Fellow


The Gift as Colonial Ideology: Marcel Mauss and the Solidarist Colonial Doctrine in the Interwar Period

Abstract: Marcel Mauss published his essay “The Gift” (1925) in the context of debates about the European sovereign debt crises and the economic growth experienced by the colonies. This article traces the discursive associations between Mauss’s anthropological concepts (“gift,” “exchanges of prestations,” and “generosity”) and the reformist program of French socialists who pushed for an “altruistic” colonial policy in the interwar period. This article demonstrates that the three obligations which Mauss identified as the basis of a customary law of international  economic relations (i.e. the duty to give, the duty to receive, and the duty to give back) served as key references in the French debate about the relationships between metropolises and colonies in the interwar period. Mauss made this relation between colonial policy and the ethnology of the gift explicit in his book, The Nation. Moving beyond Mauss’s interwar writings, Mauss’s traces the genealogy of his later reflections to his involvement in pre-war debates about chartered companies.

PalmerWorkshop 11/10: David Palmer

Hong Kong University

Spheres of Solidarity, Moral Codes and Civil Society in China

ZhouWorkshop 11/17: Yi Zhou

Fudan University, China

Capital with Faith

HilmarWorkshop 12/1: Till Hilmar

Yale University. CCS Junior Fellow

“You realize who your true friends are”. Economic memory and the cultural force of deservingness: the case of East Germany after 1989

YuWorkshop 12/8: Jiaxuan Yu

Fudan University. CCS Visiting Graduate Student

The Cohesion of Square Dancing Groups in China: A Comparative Study on one kind of “Ritual-like” Community

MadiganWorkshop 12/15: Todd Madigan

Yale University. CCS Junior Fellow

Iconographic Anchoring: Theorizing the Discrepancies Between Visual and Verbal Representations of Mass Uprisings in Revolutionary Vietnam

LiWorkshop 1/19: Juan Li

Zhejiang University of Media and Communications. CCS Visiting Fellow

A Narrative Re-construction of The New Yorker’s Reports of China (2000-2012)

LevinsonWorkshop 1/26: Adam Valen Levinson

Yale University. CCS Junior Fellow

A Cultural Sociology of Humor

HurlbertWorkshop 2/2: James Hurlbert

Yale University. CCS Junior Fellow

Friendship and the Good Society

GalchinskyWorkshop 2/09: Michael Galchinsky

Georgia State University. CCS Faculty Fellow

Iconic Loss:  The Global Civil Sphere and the Destruction of Cultural Property

FarrellWorkshop 2/16: Justin Farrell

Yale University

Billionaire Wilderness: Ultra-Wealth, Environment, and Inequality

YangzomWorkshop 2/23: Dicky Yangzom

Yale University. CCS Junior Fellow

Curating the Self: On the moral boundaries of aesthetics and consumption

JijonWorkshop 3/2: Isabel Jijón

Yale University. CCS Junior Fellow

The dignity of working children? Morality, globalization, and child labor laws in Bolivia and Ecuador

ZerubavelWorkshop 3/9: Eviatar Zerubavel

Rutgers University. CCS Faculty Fellow

Listening to the Sound of Silence: Methodological Reflections on Studying the Unsaid

ChampagneWorkshop 3/30: Anne Marie Champagne

Yale University. CCS Junior Fellow

The iconicity of the breast: (En)gendering material meaning after mastectomy

FordahlWorkshop 4/6: Clayton Fordahl

University of Memphis

The Performance of Authenticity in the 2016 Presidential Election

SonnevendWorkshop 4/13: Julia Sonnevend

The New School. CCS Faculty Fellow

Charm: The Power of Personal Magnetism

MastWorkshop 4/20: Jason Mast

Warwick University. CCS Faculty Fellow

Elections as performances of citizenship: Multiculturalism & Trumpism in the 2016 US presidential election