CCS Anniversary Conference ~ Advancing Cultural Sociology ~ 2014

Friday, April 25, Saturday, April 26 and Sunday, April 27, 2014
Main Venue: All Plenary Sessions and Session II: Whitney Humanities Center, 53 Wall Street, New Haven, CT
Simultaneous Sessions: Sociology Department, 493 College Street and Harkness Hall, ENTRANCE TO HARKNESS HALL

We will have speakers covering a wide range of topics in cultural sociology, especially meaning-centered analyses in the social science tradition, with openings to normative themes such as democracy, justice, tolerance, civility, sacrality, and the meaningful dimensions of market exchange.

Our seven keynote speakers are Mustafa Emirbayer, Bernhard Giesen, Andreas Glaeser, Michèle Lamont, Paul Lichterman, Lyn Spillman, and Robin Wagner-Pacifici. The CCS Directors will also participate in delivering papers along with four of our outstanding recent Ph.D’s, Lisa McCormick, Jason Mast, Matthew Norton and Dominik Bartmanski.



Special thanks to Carolyn Ly, Assistant Conference Coordinator
& to our panel session chairs & assistants: Sorcha Brophy, Anne Marie Champagne, Andrew Cohen, Thomas Crosbie, Martina Cvajner, Shai Dromi, Alison Gerber, Till Hilmar, Isabel Jijon, Jin Su Joo, Muyang Li, Anne Lin, Todd Madigan, Brian Mckernan, Nickie Michaud Wild, Michael Perlt, Elham Pourtaher & Christine Slaughter

Co-sponsored by the Whitney Humanities Center