Yale Cultural Sociology Series - Paradigm Publishers

Jeffrey Alexander & Ron Eyerman, editors

Paradigm Publishers (Routledge, Taylor and Francis)

Narrating Trauma: On the Impact of Collective Suffering (2013)

Ron Eyerman, Jeffrey Alexander and Elizabeth Breese, eds.

Making Los Angeles: How People Create Place Out of Ordinary Urban Space (2011)

Christopher Campbell

Injustice at Work (2010)

François Dubet

Saints, Heroes, Myths, and Rites: Classical Durkheimian Studies of Religion and Society (2009)

Marcel Mauss, Henri Hubert, Robert Hertz, Alexander Riley, Sarah Daynes, Cyril Isnart

Performative Democracy (2009)

Elzbieta Matynia

Culture, Society, and Democracy (2009)

Isaac Reed and Jeffrey Alexander, Editors

Inside Jihadism: Understanding Jihadi Movements Worldwide (2008)

Farhad Khosrokhavar

Staging Solidarity: Truth and Reconciliation in a New South Africa (2008)

Tanya Goodman

Meaning and Method: The Cultural Approach to Sociology (2008)

Isaac Reed and Jeffrey Alexander, Editors

The Easternization of the West (2008)

Colin Campbell

Culture and Society in Transition (2008)

Jeffrey Alexander and Kenneth Thompson

Do We Need Religion?: On the Experience of Self-Transcendence (2007)

Hans Joas

Changing Men, Transforming Culture: Inside the Men’s Movement (2007)

Eric Magnuson

American Society: Toward a Theory of Societal Community (2006)

Talcott Parsons, Edited by Guiseppe Sciortino

Myth, Meaning, and Performance: Toward a New Cultural Sociology of the Arts (2006)

Ron Eyerman and Lisa McCormack, Editors

Triumph and Trauma (2004)

Bernhard Giesen