Cultural Sociology Series - Palgrave MacMillan

Jeffrey Alexander, Philip Smith, David Inglis and Ron Eyerman, editors


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B. N. Jaworsky

Contemporary Journalism in the US and Germany: Agents of Accountability (2017)

Mattias Revers

Whites Recall the Civil Rights Movement in Birmingham:We Didn’t Know it was History until after it Happened (2017)

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Benjamin Lamb-Books

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Global Injustice Symbols and Social Movements (2015)

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Performing Punk (2015)

Eric Hannerz

Meanings of Life in Contemporary Ireland: Webs of Significance (2014)

Tom Inglis

Social Tragedy: The Power of Myth, Ritual, and Emotion in the New Media Ecology (2014)

Stephanie Alice Baker

Liberal Barbarism: The European Destruction of the Palace of the Emperor of China (2013)

Erik Ringmar

Seeking Authenticity in Place, Culture, and the Self: The Great Urban Escape (2012)

Nicholas Osbaldiston

Central Bank Independence: Cultural Codes and Symbolic Performance (2012)

Carlo Tognato

Reinventing Evidence in Social Inquiry: Decoding Facts and Variables (2012)

Richard Biernacki

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Anne Kane

The Cultural Sociology of Political Assassination: From MLK and RFK to Fortuyn and van Gogh (2011)

Ron Eyerman

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Jeffrey C. Alexander, Philip Smith and Matthew Norton, eds.

Iconic Power: Materiality and Meaning in Social Life (2011)

Jeffrey C. Alexander, Bernhard Giesen and Dominik Bartmanski, eds.