May 30, 2023
CCS Postdoctoral Fellow Romulo Lelis shares his review of Phil Smith’s Durkheim and After: The Durkheimian Tradition, 1893-2020 (Polity Press). “Durkheim Within American...
Artwork: Morel Alexander
May 30, 2023
Jeffrey Alexander and Peter Beilharz have been in conversation for thirty years. Drawing on a friendship that spans the personal, sociological and theoretical, this year’s...
April 18, 2023
Jeff Alexander makes several appearances - as an “authority on celebrity icons” - in the new, two-part HULU documentary Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields. The film has been getting...
Adam Valen Levinson
March 31, 2023
CCS Junior Fellow Adam Valen Levinson has a new publication, “Ambivalent Action: Recognizing Bothness in the Narratives of Blackout Tuesday” in Sociological Forum....
Erik Hannerz
March 31, 2023
CCS Faculty Fellow Erik Hannerz has a new TedX talk, “Are graffiti and punk the best schools for entrepreneurs? ” “A society that wants to fight inequality and segregation...
Moral Minefields Cover
March 10, 2023
Congratulations to CCS Faculty Fellow Shai Dromi and Samuel Stabler, whose new book Moral Minefields: How Sociologists Debate Good Science (The University of Chicago Press)...
AJCS March cover
March 10, 2023
The March issue of the American Journal of Cultural Sociology is available now! Celebrating 10 years since the first issue was published in February, 2013 !