CCS Directors featured in THEORY-RC16 Winter 2018 Newsletter

The Winter 2018 edition of the International Sociological Associations RC16 Newsletter, THEORY, is available online now.

Here are a few highlights that feature our CCS Directors:

A Reflection on the Work and Practice of Jeffrey Alexander: The Culture and Performance of Social Theory,” by CCS Faculty Fellow Ron Jacobs, on the occasion of Jeff Alexander receiving 2018’s Distinguished Contribution to Sociological Theory Award

Theorizing Theory: An Interview with Philip Smith,” by CCS Faculty Fellow Dmitry Kurakin

From Dmitry Kurakin’s collection of short essays, 1968 and Sociological Theory:

1968/Social Theory: Biography meets History,” by Ron Eyerman & “1968 and the Sixties,” by Jeffrey Alexander.

Also included are essays by CCS Fellows Frédéric Vandenberghe, Lyn Spillman, Agnes Ku, Mabel Berezin and Mervyn Horgan.