CCS Supper Club Hall of Fame

The following publications were substantially written and developed by CCS fellows while at Yale. They were all presented at our Supper Club where the authors received peer support and critique, and mentoring by faculty and our distinguished visitors. In addition we acknowledge that some of these Hall of Fame papers had the benefit of inputs from peers, faculty and other workshops at Yale and elsewhere. Nevertheless, we specifically celebrate here our Supper Club scholars and the student-centered Supper Club process.

Isabel Jijon

Toward a Hermeneutic Model of Cultural Globalization: Four Lessons from Translation Studies” in Sociological  Theory,  37, Issue 2, 2019. Presented in Spring 2015.

Antonio Nanni

The Meaning Making of the Built Environment in the Fascist City: A Semiotic Approach” in Signs and Society,  Volume 6, Number 2, Spring 2018. Presented in Spring 2015

Isabel Jijon

The Universal King? Memory, Globalization, and Martin Luther King, Jr.” in Sociological  Inquiry, Volume 88, Issue 1, February 2018. Presented in Spring 2014

Angela Onwuachi-Willig

The Trauma of the Routine: Lessons on Cultural Trauma from the Emmett Till Verdict,” in Sociological  Theory,  34, Issue 4, 2016. Presented in November  2014.

Shai Dromi

Uneasy Settlements: Reparation Politics and the Meanings of Money in the Israeli Withdrawal from Gaza” in Sociological Inquiry 84, no. 1,  2014. Presented in February 2012

Michael Yarbrough

“Toward a Political Sociology of Conjugal-Recognition Regimes: Gendered Multiculturalism in South African Marriage Law” in Social Politics, 2013. Presented in February 2011

Julia Sonnevend

“Iconic Rituals: Towards a Social Theory of Encountering Images” pp. 219-233 in J. C. Alexander, D. Bartmanski & B. Giesen (eds.), Iconic power: Materiality and Meaning in Social Life . New York: Palgrave Macmillan, December 2011. Presented in April 2011

Mira Debs

“The Suffering of Symbols: Giotto Frescoes and the Cultural Trauma of Objects” in Cultural Sociology, Published online 30 August 2012. Presented in February 2010

Hizky Shoham

“Rethinking Tradition: From Ontological Reality to Assigned Temporal Meaning” in European Journal of Sociology 52, 2 (2011): 313-340. Presented in February 2010

Martina Cvajner

“Hyper-femininity as decency: Beauty, womanhood and respect in emigration” in Ethnography 12(3) 356–374, 2011. Presented in April 2010

Martina Cvajner

“The Presentation of Self in Emigration : Eastern European Women in Italy” in The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 2012 642: 186, 2011. Presented in April 2010

Jonathan Roberge

“The aesthetic public sphere and the transformation of criticism” in Social Semiotics Vol. 21, No. 3, June 2011, 435-453. Presented in April 2010

Michael Yarbrough

When Symbolic Action Fails: Illustrations from Small-Claims CourtQualitative Sociology Review 8(3), December 2012. Presented in October 2009

Tatiana Omeltchenko-Tatarchevskiy

“The ‘popular’ culture of internet activism” in New Media & Society March 2011; vol. 13, 2: pp. 297-313., first published on December 6, 2010. Presented in November 2009

Jeffrey Guhin

“Is Irony Good for America? The Threat of Nihilism, the Importance of Romance, and the Power of Cultural Forms” in Cultural Sociology Published online 30 August 2012. Presented in November 2008

Elisabeth Breese

“Claiming Trauma through Social Performance: The Case of Waiting for Godot” pp. 213-236 in R. Eyerman, J. C. Alexander and E. B. Breese (eds.) Narrating Trauma: On the Impact of Collective Suffering Boulder, CO: Paradigm Publishers, June 2011. Presented in November 2008