Previous Supper Club Presentations

Spring 2015

Dicky Yangzom, Yale University, CCS Junior Fellow

“Cultural Trauma and the Formation of Modern Tibetan Nationalism”

Isabel Jijon, Yale University, CCS Junior Fellow

“Opening the “black box” of cultural globalization: Four lessons from translation theory”

James Hurlbert, Yale University, CCS Junior Fellow

“Risking Stigma & Pollution: Rhetorical Purity in the North Korean Tourism Industry”

Mayumi Shimizu, Yale University, CCS Visiting Fellow

“Hidden Dilemmas: Construction of “Good” and “Evil” in Police Work in São Paulo”

Antonio Nanni, Independent Researcher

“Building the Regime”

Fall 2014

Manussos Marangudakis, University of the Aegean, CCS Visiting Fellow

“Why Greece Failed: A Cultural Interpretation”

Jin Su Joo, Yale University, CCS Junior Fellow

“Back to the Future: Heritage Redevelopment as a Cultural Problem”

Shai Dromi, Yale University, CCS Junior Fellow & Gülay Türkmen-Dervişoğlu, Yale University, Sociology Graduate Student

“Reversal of Fortune: The Loss of Political Power and the Trauma of the Displaced Founding Elites in Israel and Turkey”

Angela Onwuachi-Willig, Yale University, Sociology Graduate Student

“When the Expected Results In Trauma: Emmett Till, African Americans, and the Trauma of Exclusion, Lawlessness, and Disregard”

Dicky Yangzom, Yale University, CCS Junior Fellow

“Clothing and Social Movements: A Relation Approach towards Interactions of Social and Symbolic Boundaries on the Peripheries of China”

Spring 2014

Andrea Karlsson, Lund University, Sweden, CCS Visiting Graduate Student

“The Struggle for the Public Sphere: Liberal intellectuals, the Armenian genocide, and cultural trauma in Turkey”

Isabel Jijon, Yale University, CCS Junior Fellow

“The Universal King? Memory, Globalization, and Martin Luther King, Jr.”

Ekatherina Zhukova, Aarhus University, Denmark, CCS Visiting Graduate Student

“Chernobyl as Trauma in Belarus and Ukraine: Still Weeping or Already Healed?”

Michael Perlt, University of Copenhagen, CCS Visiting Graduate Student

“Quiet, quiet, the king is sleeping.: Mourning and memory in royal Danish funeral sermons (1863) – A national trauma in the making.”

Shai Dromi, Yale University, CCS Junior Fellow

“This One Goes To 11”: Sans-Frontiérisme and the Crisis of Humanitarianism, 1970-1999”

Spring 2013

Grzegorz Brzozowski, University of Warsaw, CCS Visiting Graduate Student

“Iconic Power and Visual Research Methodologies – The Documentary Case”

Screening of two short films by Grzegorz followed by discussion: “Today in Warsaw, Tomorrow Whatever” “Becoming Intimately Mobile”

Mira Debs, Yale University, CCS Junior Fellow

“Raising Change: Parents, Urban Montessori Schools and Civic Participation” Dissertation Prospectus

Julia Rozanova, Yale University, CCS Visiting Independent Researcher, 2012-13

““Live Fast, Die Well and Leave a Good Looking Corpse”: Cultures of Aging among American Veterans”

Jiang Zhang, Fudan University, CCS Visiting Graduate Student

“The Weibo Theatre: Social Drama, Moral Discourse, and the Public”

Fall 2012

Radim Marada, Masaryk University, CCS Visiting Faculty Fellow

“Ethnicity without Culture: A challenge to the politics of recognition”

Marta Kolankiewicz Lundberg, Lund University, CCS Visiting Graduate Student

“Different Faces of Silence: Katyn and Jedwabne in Polish Collective Memory and the Politics of Cultural Trauma Theory”

Timothy Malacarne, CCS Junior Fellow

“The Mundane Trauma of Adolescence”

Thorn Kray, Konstanz University, Department of Sociology Visiting Student

“The Rationalization of Seduction”

Spring 2012

Shai Dromi, CCS Junior Fellow

“Uneasy Settlements: Commensuration, Compensation, and Commiseration in the Israeli Withdrawal from Gaza”

Joe Klett, CCS Junior Fellow

“Paradigm Shift in Audio Engineering and the Changing Meaning of Noise”

Jin Su Joo, CCS Junior Fellow

“The Global City: A Cultural Perspective”

Julia Rozanova, The University of British Columbia

“The American Cultural Revolution in meanings of ‘Old’: from Sacred to Profane”

Jensen Sass, CCS Junior Fellow


Spring 2011

Julia Rozanova, Yale Dept. of Epidemiology and Public Health

“Newspaper portrayals of American nursing homes: “disposable” lives and their market value (with Miller, E., Wetle, T., & Mor, V.)”

Michael Yarbrough, CCS Junior Fellow

“The Universal Particular: Marriage-Law Reform in Post-Apartheid South Africa”

Tom Crosbie, CCS Junior Fellow

“Friction and Orthogonal Force: Toward a New Civil-Military Relations Research Paradigm”

Julia Sonnevend, Columbia University

“On the Experience of Encountering Images: From Indifference to Iconic Ritual”

Joseph Klett, CCS Junior Fellow

“Negotiating Noise-Cancelling Technology”

Yasushi Tanaka-Gutiez, CCS Junior Fellow

“Mishima Yukio and the Construction of a Postwar Icon in Japan”

Spring 2010

Mira Debs

“The Suffering of Symbols: Giotto Frescoes and Cultural Trauma”

Hizky Shoham

“Invented Tradition: A Discursive Modernity”

Endre Hudy, Yale University

“Newsworthiness, Selection Bias and Sacred Centers in the USA: A Case Study of Campus Murders”

Jeffrey Guhin, CCS Junior Fellow

“Why Sociologists of Education are Moral People who don’t Care about Morality”

Timothy Malacarne, CCS Junior Fellow

“Discourse, criticism and popular film”

Werner Binder, Konstanz University, CCS Visiting Graduate Student

“Normative Order and Cultural Change: The Prohibition, Imagination and Practice of Torture in the War on Terror”

Jonathan Roberge, CCS Post-doctoral Fellow

“The Aesthetic Public Sphere and the Transformation of Criticism”

Yasushi Tanaka, CCS Junior Fellow

“A Culture Reconciled: Where Culture Meets Causality”

Martina Cvajner, University of Trento, Italy

“Female Migration and the Presentation of the Self”

Shai Dromi. CCS Junior Fellow

“Incommensurable Meanings in Public Disputes”

Fall 2009

Jennifer Bryan

““Just to Get By” Negotiating Race and Ethnic Conflict in the Workplace after Incarceration”

Andreas Hess, University College Dublin, CCS Visiting Fellow

“Stalinism and Collective Memory: Zygmunt Bauman’s ‘Liquid Memory’ in Perspective”

Michael Yarbrough, CCS Junior Fellow

“Intimate Litigation and the Enactment of Social Differentiation”

B. Nadya Jaworsky, CCS Junior Fellow

 “‘It’s just not Main Street anymore’ Mapping out the Boundaries of Belonging in a New Immigrant Gateway”

Adrienne Wallace, CCS Junior Fellow    

“Liminality, Development and Violence: A Call for New A Community Centered Approach to Economic Development”

Esteve Sanz, CCS Visiting Fellow

“Re-Weaving Codes: Production and Construction of Authenticity in Complex Format Television”

Tanya Omeltchenko, University of Virginia, CCS Predoctoral Fellow

“The Popular Culture of Activism 2.0”

Elizabeth Breese, CCS Junior Fellow

“Journalism: A Cultural Approach”

“Meaning, Celebrity, and the Underage Pregnancy of Jamie Lynn Spears”

Hizky Shoham

““Traditional Life-orders”: Invented Traditions and the Late-Modern Traditional Discourse”

Spring 2009

Jensen Sass, CCS Junior Fellow

“Bourdieu’s Subjects”

Alison Gerber, CCS Junior Fellow

“Supper Club paper”

Andrea Cossu, CCS Postdoctoral Fellow

“Self-Criticism as Degradation and Drama: Negative Reputations and the Sudden Fall of Pietro Secchia”

Sorcha Brophy, CCS Junior Fellow

“Moderation as Personality”

Fall 2008

Elizabeth Breese, CCS Junior Fellow

“From Mood to Meaning: Waiting for Godot and Trauma”

Jeffrey Guhin, CCS Junior Fellow

“Mapping Irony: Carnival, Moral Stakes, and Social Life”

Joseph Klett, CCS Junior Fellow

“Through Noise”

Sarah Egan, CCS Junior Fellow

“Vocabularies of Motive and Social Movement Activism”

Carolyn Ly, CCS Junior Fellow

“Contemporary ‘Race’ in the United States: A Proposed Framework for Understanding Relative Racial Categorization”

Spring 2008

Julia Sonnevend, Columbia University

“Pictorial Revolution: The Visual Memory of Law in the Convergence Era”

Jesse Einhorn, CCS Junior Fellow

“Prospectus Excerpt”

Fall 2007

B. Nadya Jaworsky, CCS Junior Fellow

““What part of illegal don’t you understand?”: The Internet as a Communicative Institution of the U.S.Civil Sphere?”

Matthew Norton, CCS Junior Fellow

““The stimulus of a hot fortnight”: Meaning and Governance in ‘The Great Stink’of London”

Adrienne Wallace, CCS Junior Fellow

“Violent Stories, Violent Lives and No Violence at All: The Way Violence works (or doesn’t work) in the public sphere, in literary works and in violent groups in Colombia”