CCS Spring Conference ~ 2024


Friday, April 26 & Saturday, April 27

All sessions held at 210 Prospect Street, Room 203

This year’s conference is hosted by CCS Associate Director Yagmur Karakaya

Our keynote speaker is Jeffrey Guhin, University of California, Los Angeles.

We also welcome CCS Faculty Fellows Brad West,  Ron Jacobs and Eleanor Townsley. With presentations by CCS Visiting Fellows, Visiting Students, Postdoctoral Fellows, Junior Fellows, Yale Sociology Graduate Students, and Graduate Students from the State University of New York at Albany.

Online Program 

For information about the conference please contact the CCS Administrator Nadine Amalfi by e-mail (cultural dot sociology at yale dot edu) or phone (203) 432-9855.

The banquet for conference participants will be at Lazeez Restaurant on Saturday, April 27

SPACE IS LIMITED - If you are not on the conference program please RSVP to Nadine Amalfi prior to the event.