Civil Sphere in East Asia ~ Program

A Conference and Book Project
Conference Programme
May 5-6, 2017, Hong Kong


Presentations and discussion will take place in Function room, Faculty of Social Sciences, 11/F, Jockey Club Tower

Time Friday, May 5, 2017
9:00 ~ 9:20

Welcome and introductions

David A. Palmer, Jeffrey Alexander, Agnes Shuk-mei Ku, and Sunwoong Park

9:20 ~ 11:00

Session I: Mainland China

David A. Palmer: “Religion, Spheres of Solidarity and Civil Society in China”

Pun Ngai & Kenneth Ng: “A Civil Repair? Challenging Digital Capitalism and SACOM’s Campaigns against Apple and Foxconn”

11:00 ~ 11:15

Coffee Break

11:15 ~ 12:05

Session I: Mainland China ~ Continued

Tian Xiaoli: “Fantasy is More Believable: Justice and Solidarity in Chinese Online Fiction.”

12:05 ~ 13:30

Catered Lunch

13:30 ~ 15:10

Session II: Hong Kong and Taiwan

Agnes Shuk-mei Ku: “Performing Civil Disobedience in Hong Kong”

Cheris Shun-ching Chan & Andrew Junker: “Fault line in the Civil Sphere: Explaining New Divisions in Hong Kong’s Opposition Movement”

15:10 ~ 15:30


15:30 ~ 16:20

Session II: Hong Kong and Taiwan ~ Continued

Kuo-ming Lin: “Developing Communicative Institutions in Local Communities: The Practice of Participatory Budgeting in Taiwan”

18:00 ~ 19:15

Dinner in Senior Common Room


Jeffrey C. Alexander: Keynote speech ~ “The Societalization of Social Problems: Financial Crisis, Church Pedophilia, Phone Hacking”

Time Saturday, May 6, 2017
9:00 ~ 10:40

Session III: Korea

Jongryul Choi and Yeseul Lee: “South Korea’s Presidential Scandal and Civil Repair”

Hee-Jeong Lee: “Boundary Tension and Reconstruction: Credit Information Crises and Civil Sphere in Korea”

10:40 ~ 11:00

Coffee Break

11:00 ~ 11:50

Session III: Korea ~ Continued

Sunwoong Park: “System Crisis and the Civil Sphere: Media Discourse on the Crisis of Education in South Korea”

12:00 ~ 13:30

Catered Lunch

13:30 ~ 15:10

Session IV: Japan

Mayumi Shimizu: “An Emerging Contradiction: Change in the Boundary Relation between Civilizing and Uncivilizing Pressures in Japanese Policing”

Yoshie Yanagihara: “What Constitutes ‘Women’s Autonomy’ in the Japanese Civil Sphere? The Struggle over Surrogacy”

15:10 ~ 15:30


15:30 ~ 16:20

Session V: Trans-Asia

Horng-Luen Wang: “Reconciliation through the Transnational Civil Sphere? Historical Dialogue and the Tri-National Joint History Project in East Asia”

16:20 ~ 16:30


16:30 ~ 18:00

Session V: General discussion and Conclusion

Peter Kivisto, Carlo Tognato, Trevor Stack, and Jeffrey Alexander

General discussion