CCS Workshop ~ 2018 - 2019

Please note: Workshop readings are automatically available to current participants only and require authentication (password). Off- campus CCS Fellows should contact the CCS Administrator to gain access as needed.

The CCS Workshop is held in the 2nd floor seminar room at 210 Prospect Street from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM, followed by lunch.  

CCSWorkshop 8/31: Natalie Aviles

Yale University. CCS Workshop Co-Convener & Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Sociology

Iconography of innovation and statecraft in the U.S. National Cancer Institute’s Special Virus-Leukemia Program, 1958-1969

ShohamWorkshop 9/7: Josetxo Beriain

State University of Navarre, Spain. CCS Visiting Faculty Fellow

Genealogy of the Desenchantment of the World

Dominik ZelinskyWorkshop 9/14: Dominik Želinský

University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom. CCS Visiting Graduate Student

Intellectual Iconicity and the Politics of Understanding: Jan Patočka among Unofficial Philosophers in Communist Czechoslovakia

Abstract: This paper explores the phenomenon of iconic intellectuals, exemplified by the life trajectory of Czech phenomenologist Jan Patočka who rose to prominence during the late 1960s and the 1970s. As I demonstrate, Patočka’s iconic position within the milieu of dissident thinkers was an outcome of a complex nexus of factors among which the most prominent were his charismatic performative capacity, which drew on his outstanding conduct of exclusive cultural patterns, production of symbols that resonated deeply with nonconformist life in a communist country, as well as his reorientation from academic philosophy to political action. His death, which closely followed his political activisation, became a crucial moment for the Charter and launched a long process of consecration that established the philosopher as one of the central figures not only in Czech philosophy, but also history in general sense.

BrochWorkshop 9/21: Shai Dromi

Harvard University. CCS Faculty Fellow

Samuel Stabler

Hunter College.

Good on Paper: The Pragmatics of Moral Debates in Sociology

Zhoujun ZhangWorkshop 9/28: Zhoujun Zhang

Fudan University, China. CCS Visiting Graduate Student

Rediscover the Meaning of Work: Meaning’s Categorization and its Cultural Process

HorganWorkshop 10/5: Mervyn Horgan

University of Guelph, Canada. CCS Visiting Fellow

A Cultural Sociology of the Interaction Order

LundWorkshop 10/12: Anna Lund

University of Stockholm, Sweden. CCS Faculty Fellow

What’s time got to do with it? Temporal modes of incorporation

Abstract: The migration ”crisis” of recent years and decades-long concerns about ”failures of integration” are prompting a retreat from multiculturalism as well as from human rights values. There is a well-developed body of research on incorporation of migrants, but at the current moment one key aspect of incorporation is being overlooked: time. Drawing upon qualitative material, I consider temporal modes of incorporation in which time must inform our understanding of how the relation between migrants and the new society will develop. Time is a key element of the experience of migrants from the very outset, while they await a decision on their asylum application. Temporal distances between societal groups shape the belonging and inclusion of migrants in the new society. Periods of significant migration reshape the host society and change the scope of individual action. Migration research and societies experiencing recent migration benefit from the incorporation of a temporal perspective.

Ian MullinsWorkshop 10/26: Ian Mullins

Yale University. Lecturer, Department of Sociology

Public Knowledge in Crisis: Conservative Politics and the Search for Alternative Truths

Talisson MeloWorkshop 11/2: Tálisson Melo de Souza

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. CCS Visiting Graduate Student

Performing curating at the Sao Paulo International Art Biennial

Horng-luen WangWorkshop 11/16: Horng-luen Wang

Academia Sinica, Taiwan. Currently Visiting Scholar at the Harvard-Yenching Institute

(Re)Discovering War in Modernity: “Frames of War” and Nationalism in East Asia

YuWorkshop 11/30: Anne Kane

University of Houston, Downtown. CCS Faculty Fellow

Theorizing the Performance of Violence and Irish Republican Meaning Construction during the “Troubles,” 1969-2004