CCS Workshop ~ 2019-20

Please note: Workshop readings are automatically available to current participants only and require authentication (password). Off- campus CCS Fellows should contact the CCS Administrator to gain access as needed.

The CCS Workshop is held in the 2nd floor seminar room at 210 Prospect Street from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM, followed by lunch.  

Jongryul ChoiWorkshop 9/6: Jongryul Choi

Keimyung University, Korea. CCS Visiting Faculty Fellow

Alexander’s Thesis of Generalization of Values Reconsidered: Focusing on the 2008 Candlelight Vigils in South Korea

ShohamWorkshop 9/13: Rui Gao

Beijing Foreign Studies University, China. CCS Visiting Faculty Fellow

Both documents should be read; please read the paper first and then “Some Written Thoughts”

Cacophonous Memories of the War: Revision of the Official Narrative on the War of Resistance against Japan in Post-Mao China and its Limitations

Some Written Thoughts

Nelson ArteagaWorkshop 9/20: Nelson Arteaga Botello

Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO), México, CCS Visiting Faculty Fellow

Violence, democracy and the civil sphere Mexico: the 1994 election campaign

BrochWorkshop 9/27: Ian Sheinheit 

Lehman College, CUNY ~ CCS Faculty Fellow

Narrating Victories and Defeats: Polarized Media and ‘Horserace’ Coverage in Contemporary U.S. Presidential Elections

Lily IvanovaWorkshop 10/4: Lily Ivanova

University of British Columbia ~ CCS Visiting Predoctoral Fellow

Understanding Genocide: Advancing a Sociology of Thinking for Theory and Culture

HorganWorkshop 10/11: Peter Kivisto

Augustana College ~ CCS Faculty Fellow

Immigration Raids and the Liberalism of Fear: The Case of Postville, Iowa

Jess DawsonWorkshop 10/25: Jessica Dawson

United States Academy at West Point

Thank You for Your Service:
Sacrifice, Warriors and the Second Amendment in the American Rifleman 1975-2018

Ian MullinsWorkshop 11/1: Jean-François Côté

Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada

Structural or Dialectical Hermeneutics? Further Epistemological and Theoretical questions in Cultural Sociology

Iddo TavoryWorkshop 11/8: Iddo Tavory

New York University

Awards and Morality in Pro Bono Advertising

(with Sonia Prelat and Shelly Ronen)

There are two documents for this week. The main reading is a chapter of the book (The Elephant in the Field: Awards and Recognition) that will be the main focus. The supplemental document is an overview of the entire book, to give readers a sense of the whole.

Jacob DerechinWorkshop 11/15: Jacob Derechin

Yale University

Cultural Shockwaves

There are two documents for this week. In addition to the main reading there is supplemental document containing a gallery of images generated through this analysis.

Philip SmithWorkshop 12/6: Philip Smith

Yale University ~ CCS Director

Two Pathways to Literary Degradation: The Case of Sven Hassel (with Dominik Zelinski)

Sandra SimonsenWorkshop 12/13: Sandra Simonsen

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel ~ CCS Visiting Graduate Student

Discourses of Migration in Swedish and Danish News Media

Andrea VoyerWorkshop 1/17: Andrea Voyer

Stockholm University, Sweden ~ CCS Faculty Fellow

No Time for Bowling: Civic Engagement and Inequality in the Age of Precarity

Emily CampbellWorkshop 1/24: Emily Campbell

College of the Holy Cross ~ CCS Research Affiliate

The Politics of Blame in the American Opioid Crisis

Rachel ShermanWorkshop 1/31: Rachel Sherman

The New School ~ CCS Faculty Fellow

Uncommon Sense about Class Entitlement

Dorothy WuWorkshop 2/7: Dorothy Wu

Yale University ~ CCS Junior Fellow

How Pop Culture Allays Resentment: Cases in East Asia

Anne TaylorWorkshop 2/14: Anne Taylor

Yale University ~ CCS Junior Fellow

Populism, Poetry, and Political Organizing: Performances of Fusion with Bernie Sanders’ Imagined Civil Sphere

Ben CarringtonWorkshop 2/21: Ben Carrington

University of Southern California, Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism

Who’s Afraid of Cultural Studies? Recovering the Sociological Imagination, From C. Wright Mills to Stuart Hall

Anne Warfield Rawls and Jason TurowetzWorkshop 2/28: Anne Warfield Rawls

Bentley University and University of Siegen

Jason Turowetz

University of Siegen

Examining the Historical Narrative: Parsons, Garfinkel, Goffman and Sacks in 1964 discussing “suicide” as a social/cultural object

Alford Young, Jr.Workshop 3/6: Alford Young, Jr.

University of Michigan

Mapping Mobility Schemes:Expanding the Vocabulary on Getting Ahead

Ruthie BraunsteinWorkshop 3/27: Ruth Braunstein

University of Connecticut ~  CCS Faculty Fellow

The Moral Meaning of Taxes

Giselinde KuipersWorkshop 4/3: Giselinde Kuipers

University of Leuven, Belgium

Beauty as Taste and Duty

Simon CottleWorkshop 4/10: Simon Cottle

Cardiff University, United Kingdom ~ CCS Faculty Fellow

Victors, Vanquished and Victims: Visualizing Atrocity from the Ancient Past to the Global Present.

Bernadette Nadya JaworskyWorkshop 4/17: Bernadette Nadya Jaworsky

Masaryk University, Czech Republic ~ CCS Faculty Fellow

“Build that wall!” Narrating the U.S.-Mexico Border