CCS Workshop ~ 2023-24

Please note: Workshop readings are automatically available to current participants only and require authentication (password). Off- campus CCS Fellows should contact the CCS Administrator to gain access as needed.

The CCS Workshop will be meeting this year in room 106 at 493 College Street from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Coffee and pastries will be served during the workshop. From 1 PM to 2PM – Lunch for workshop participants – 493 College Street, Room 208

CCS Workshop 23-24 Poster


9/8: Meet & Greet

9/15: Cultural Sociology East & West Conference

9/22: Romulo Lelis

9/29: Josetxo Beriain

10/6: Dorothy Wu

10/13: Henrik Enroth

10/20: No Workshop ~ October Recess

10/27: Carly Knight

11/3: Penny Edgell

11/10: Hizky Shoham

11/17: No Workshop ~ SSHA Annual Meeting

11/24: No Workshop ~ Thanksgiving Recess

12/1: Steven Arrigg Koh

12/8: Stewart Hoover

Workshop 9/8: Meet & Greet

In this meeting we will make introductions and each have an opportunity to share our current research projects. Please come prepared to speak for briefly about yourself and your work.

Workshop 9/15: No Workshop

Cultural Sociology East & West Conference

Romulo LelisWorkshop 9/22: Romulo Lelis

Yale University ~ CCS Postdoctoral Fellow

Marcel Mauss’ Development of Sociologie Religieuse: Ritual Action and its Transformations

Josetxo BeriainWorkshop 9/29: Josetxo Beriain

Public University of Navarra, Spain ~ CCS Visiting Faculty Fellow

Co-author: Maya Aguiluz, Centro de Investigaciones Interdisciplinares en Ciencias y Humanidades (CEIICH), Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)

The Plurality of Culture Wars

Dorothy WuWorkshop 10/6: Dorothy Wu

Yale University ~ CCS Junior Fellow

Can Pop Culture Dissipate Contempt? K-pop and South Korea’s Image in Japan Today

Henrik EnrothWorkshop 10/13: Henrik Enroth

Linnaeus University, Sweden ~ CCS Faculty Fellow

Toward an Aesthetic Theory of Political Life: The Crisis of Liberal Democracy

Carly KnightWorkshop 10/27: Carly Knight

New York University

How to Manage the Market: The Construction of the Economic Actor in Business Self-Help, 1970-2020


Penny EdgellWorkshop 11/3: Penny Edgell

University of Minnesota

The Reconfiguration of American Religion from 1990-today

Hizky ShohamWorkshop 11/10: Hizky Shoham

Bar-Ilan University ~ CCS Faculty Fellow

Solidarity of Sameness in Nationhood

Steven KohWorkshop 12/1: Steven Arrigg Koh

Boston University School of Law ~ CCS Visiting Fellow

Criminal Accountability and the Civil Sphere

Stewart HooverWorkshop 12/8: Stewart Hoover

University of Colorado, Boulder

Mediated Infrastructures of Religious Imagination in Local and Global Nationalisms

Workshop 1/19: Dmitry Kurakin

Yale University ~ CCS Visiting Faculty Fellow

Mystery and Culture

Chenyang XieWorkshop 1/26: Chenyang Xie

Fudan University ~ CCS Visiting Graduate Student

Reconstruction of the Local spirit of Immigrant communities

Yoshie YanagiharaWorkshop 2/2: Yoshie Yanagihara

Tokyo Denki University, Japan ~ CCS Visiting Fellow

Making use of another’s body: denial and acceptance of surrogacy in Japan

Hajar YazdihaWorkshop 2/9: Hajar Yazdiha

University of Southern California, Dornsife

Theorizing Social Disaster as Opportunity or Threat for Civil Society’s Speculative Futures

Willa SachsWorkshop 2/16: Willa Sachs

Yale University ~ CCS Junior Fellow

Legal Legitimacy through Judicial Failure: Legal Consciousness, Hegemony, and the Paradoxical Role of Political Trials

Shivani ChoudharyWorkshop 2/23: Shivani Choudhary

Yale University ~ CCS Junior Fellow

Solidarity & Brotherhood in New India: Hindu Nationalism, Populism and the Rise of BJP

Sena SahinWorkshop 3/1: Sena Şahin

Yale University ~ CCS Junior Fellow

Religion, Politics and Education in Turkey

Marcel KnochelmannWorkshop 3/8: Marcel Knöchelmann

Yale University ~ CCS Postdoctoral Fellow

Narrating Democracy and Freedom: Political Memoirs and the Civil Sphere

Anne TaylorWorkshop 3/29: Anne Taylor

Yale University ~ CCS Junior Fellow

The ‘Prime Effect’ and the Promise of Glory: Deion Sanders’ Performance of Enchantment at the University of  Colorado

Jessie DongWorkshop 4/5: Jessie Dong

Yale University ~ CCS Junior Fellow

Elaborating on the Cultural Structure of “Real Love”: Notes from the Nordic Context

Nicolas RudasWorkshop 4/12: Nicolás Rudas

Yale University ~ CCS Junior Fellow

The social meanings of violence: destruction, expression, and drama

Johan Gotzsche-AstrupWorkshop 4/19: Johan Gøtzsche-Astrup

Yale University ~ CCS Postdoctoral Fellow

A Sociology of Democratic Truth-Telling: How Activists and Journalists Speak Truth to Power