CCS Workshop ~ 2022-23

CCS Workshop 2022-23 Poster

We are happy to announce our line-up for the 2022-23 Workshop!

This year we are welcoming back CCS Visiting Fellows Jason Mast and Federico Brandmayr, as well as CCS Postdoctoral Associate Tracy Adams. Arriving in September are Visiting Fellow Liv Egholm and Postdoctoral Fellow Johan Gøtzsche-Astrup. We are pleased to be hosting as Visiting Students Sara Raquel de Andrade, Kamile Grusauskaite, Malcolm Jacobson, Pablo Echeverría-Esparza, Zikun Liu, and Pedro Moisés. Information about all of these visitors can be found on our Visiting Fellows page.

We are also looking forward to welcoming Faculty Fellows Anna Lund, Erik Hannerz, Michael Yarbrough, Eric Woods and David Inglis, along with Yale Sociology colleagues Grace Kao and Daniel Karell.

The rest of the schedule includes our own CCS Junior Fellows Vanessa Bittner, Anne Taylor, Adam Valen Levinson and Nicolás Rudas, along with cultural sociologists from the United States, Canada, and Singapore.

The first workshop will highlight the work of our new Associate Director, Yagmur Karakaya!

Looking forward to a great year of workshopping!