Cultural Sociology East & West Conference ~ September 2023

Building on many years of collaboration with cultural sociologists at Fudan University in Shanghai, China and generously funded by the Henry Luce Foundation and the Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale, The Center for Cultural Sociology organized an exciting three-day conference, Cultural Sociology East & West on September 15-17, 2023. Twenty-seven cultural sociologists from East Asia, Europe, and North America presented papers. CCS Junior Fellows, Visiting Fellows, and Post-Doctoral Fellows - along with several non-Yale doctoral students who accompanied conference participants - chaired each session and provided bracing 15 minute responses. The intellectual quality of the papers and discussions was high, and the 3 days provided, as well, a lot of time for informal conversation. Networks expanded and future collaborations were mapped out. We expect that a special issue of the American Journal of Cultural Sociology will eventually emerge from the conference, and possibly a book as well. Stay tuned!

Cultural Sociology East & West Photo Gallery

Thank you to CCS Assistant Student Nicolás Rudas and the team of Yale Graduate students and CCS Visiting Students who cheerfully pitched in when needed and made our guests feel at home at Yale!

Special thank you to Lina Chan at the MacMillan Center for her support and guidance over the years for our collaboration with Fudan University.