Isabel Jijón moves to Princeton Postdoctoral Position

Isabel Jijón

CCS Fellow Isabel Jijón, PhD expected May 2018, has accepted a Postdoctoral Research Associate position at Princeton University to work with CCS Faculty Fellow Fred Wherry to establish the  “Dignity and Debt Network,” bringing together a group of scholars from around the world who are interesting in people’s subjective experience with credit and debt, specifically asking what types of interactions, services, or experiences people consider fair or unfair, dignifying or humiliating. Isabel will also participate in a pilot project called “What’s Fair in Finance?” where consumer complaints and the experiences of both financial service providers and recipients are explored.

Isabel’s dissertation, “The dignity of working children? Globalization and morality in debates over child labor,” looks at how globally institutionalized norms shape the local law and practice of child labor in Bolivia.

Her work examines culture, globalization, and the intersection of morality and markets. She has written about the globalization of collective memory, the globalization of sport, and theories of translation.