New book by Shai Dromi and Samuel Stabler

Moral Minefields Cover

Congratulations to CCS Faculty Fellow Shai Dromi and Samuel Stabler, whose new book Moral Minefields: How Sociologists Debate Good Science (The University of Chicago Press) is available now for preorder. In October, 2021 the CCS Workshop had a special book manuscript workshop with Shai and Sam, both Yale Sociology alumni. We are happy to see it now it its final form!

“Moral Minefields offers an explosion of insight into how to approach the seemingly always politically charged project of conducting sociological research. Throughout its history, the discipline has stood between commitments to scientific inquiry and the pursuit of truth, and commitments to addressing social inequality, socio-economic disadvantage, and other moral concerns. Rather than try to resolve the push and pull emanating from both sides of this divide, readers are guided to think more critically and carefully about what constitutes the pursuit of good research that is indelibly tied to visions—either by the sociologists producing their work or the audiences receiving it—of morally sound research. Dromi and Stabler seek not to resolve the tension, but rather expose readers to sociology’s courageous embracing of it and, therefore, guide readers to think more effectively about how it can be managed going forward.”

Alford Young, Jr., University of Michigan