New Tenure Track Position at the University of Vienna

CCS Faculty Fellow Anna Durnova shares this job announcement:

Come to work with us in Vienna! We are pleased to announce a job opening at the Department of Sociology at the University of Vienna. We are seeking a researcher specializing in interpretive methods, with a particular focus on addressing key societal issues such as inequality, migration, culture, and/or societal polarization. The ideal candidate will possess expertise in qualitative social research and a dedication to contributing to our department’s academic community.

Our department has a strong tradition of qualitative research methodologies, which are deeply intertwined with our engagement in critical societal and political discourse. As such, we are interested in welcoming an international scholar whose research aligns with our commitment to exploring and understanding contemporary societal dynamic

Qualified candidates who are dedicated to advancing research and education in qualitative social research are invited to apply and join us in shaping the future of our department at the University of Vienna.

The deadline is April 15 the information on how to apply can be found here