News and links for the Moscow Culture Workshop Series

On September 28th Jeff Alexander presented the first paper at the Moscow Culture Workshop Series hosted by our affiliate center the Moscow Centre for Cultural Sociology. CCS Faculty Fellow Dmitry Kurakin chairs this workshop series.

See this comprehensive news story on the series and the Moscow Centre, ‘We Want to Become a Centre for Generating Ideas and Sharing Experience’ on the HSE University website.

We are pleased to share that Jeff Alexander and Philip Smith are Senior Fellows of the workshop program this year and are excited to see so many familiar faces among the invited lecturers, fellows and junior fellows of the Centre.

Jeff’s workshop, ‘Nature as Iconic Object: Its Performative Creation’, along with all other upcoming workshops is available to watch on YouTube at the channel, The HSE Moscow Centre for Cultural Sociology.

The October workshop (October 5th) will feature CCS Faculty Fellow Andrea Voyer, with her colleagues Zachary D. Kline and Madison Danton, discussing their paper, ‘Class Distinction-Making through Etiquette, a Computational Approach’.

Congratulations to Dmitry and our sister center in Moscow!