Pre-Launch of “Cultural Sociology” (in Brazil): A Conversation with Jeffrey Alexander

Sociologia Cultural poster

On Thursday, December 15th, at 2 pm (EST), there will be a live-streamed conversation with Jeffrey Alexander about his new book: Sociologia cultural: Teoria, performance, política (Cultural Sociology: Theory, Performance and Politics), a collection of important essays, translated in Portuguese, published by Ateliê de Humanidades Editorial in Rio de Janeiro.

The opening statements and presentation of the book will be in Portuguese. A translation in English will be available on YouTube. A conversation with the participants will follow in English. 

Participants: Raquel Weiss (UFGS), Frédéric Vandenberghe (IFCS-UFRJ), Lucas Faial Soneghet (UFF), Elisa Reis (IFCS-UFRJ), André Magnelli (Ateliê de Humanidades).


December 15th (Thursday), at 2pm (Eastern Standard Time)


Channel of Ateliê de Humanidades on Youtube. Link to the live stream broadcast in English:

*Get to know and buy the book, which is on PRE-SALE (R$91,80 + FREE SHIPPING) 


Whatsapp: +55-21-98260-9154 Deliveries starting: January 3, 2023.

With the support of Capes, Brazilian Sociological Association (SBS), ANPOCS, Centro Brasileiro de Estudos Durkheimianos (UFRGS) and Sociofilo (IFCS-UFRJ).