Previous CCS Postdoctoral Fellow Jan Vana Awarded Major Grant

Lit&Soc Lab Staff

Congratulations to previous CCS Postdocoral Fellow Jan Váňa, who was recently awarded the JUNIOR STAR grant by the Czech Science Foundation for his research “The Sociology of Literature Revisited: Towards Epistemological Symmetry within Literature-and-Society Research.” Starting in January 2024, Jan will establish a team of five cultural sociologists and literary scholars to work for five years in an intensive Sociological-Literary Laboratory, The Literature & Society Laboratory (Lit&Soc Lab)

The highly selective tender is aimed at excellent early-career scientists coming to the Czech Republic from abroad or with significant international experience. With an exceptional funding amount of CZK 25 million (approx. 1 million USD) for 5 years, the scientists will be able to build new scientific teams and focus on new areas of research. “The JUNIOR STAR scheme is a unique opportunity for early-career scientists to gain scientific independence and enrich the Czech environment with new research topics. The interest in these grants is enormous. However, we can only afford to fund the best of the best,” said Czech Science Foundation President Prof. Petr Baldrian.

The team is currently looking for a postdoctoral researcher -  MORE INFO